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Do you love manga? Do you make your own manga? Dream Manga is the place for you! We are a group of non-professional manga artists around the world with a common passion for manga-making. All the mangas on this site are original work by their respective artists!



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I am an only child, so drawing manga really takes care of the loneliness and boredom that a lot of children without brothers and sisters complain about. And I'm left handed. But I cannot use left handed scissors or play sports with my left hand.


I'm a 20 years old hungarian girl. From September I will learn graphic design. I'm shy, and usally quiet, but I hope you will get to know my world by my manga(s). I have never been loved, so it is ironic, that love is always a part of my works. My dream is to tell my stories to everyone who are interested in them.


I'm an adult, but I certainly don't act my age! I still collect action figures and watch cartoons. I'm a graphic arts student, and after I graduate, I would like to be working a full time job and still make comics on the side. But of course, it would be my dream to draw comics for a living. But until then, being a comic artist will always be a hobby.
On the Bright Side


I'm currently a graduate from culinary school and I love food (still looking for a job though -.-). As soon as I get a decent-paying job, my fiance and I plan to (finally) get hitched...so that's my main motivation right now haha. Other than that, I work on my manga all day, cook, play piano/keyboard, play with my guinea pigs and dogs, lurk the internets, and sleep.
Saints' Calling

Hiwatari Ki

I am a silent person in reality (although on the net I seem to be a talkative one =P). Currently aiming for a Master's degree in Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering to be exact). School is tough, with loads of assignments, quizzes, exams and projects... that's why I always have my art work to keep me from tearing my books apart and keeping me calm XD Sometimes I consider this as a split personality and I feel cool about having an evil side as well as a normal side =D
Contradiction Turbulence Autumn Love Memory Fragments


If there's one thing I can't seem to stop doing, it's drawing and creating manga! There once was a time when I was working on half a dozen separate stories! Talk about crazy. Thankfully I came to my senses and settled with my current 3 series: Kurokenshin, WACOT, and XYZ. I also have a website with all kinds of random info: http://ko-mangaseries.com
With a Cherry On Top XYZ Kurokenshin

Lwando Lawrence Moshani

I'm just a typical Blackanese (black guy with a Japanese soul), I'm huge anime and manga fan and I'm a skateboarder.
Machinataisen Ether Devinition Arcane Malevolence

Mashmellow Muffin

I'm a part time art student in community collage. As for a job I sell balloons at a mall. I'm working on owning my own balloon business and living in a cardboard box drawing manga. I love to make things and to inspire ppl to do what they can and then some. ^-^
Muffins F.T.W.

Sai Reba

I am actually a freelance graphic designer, but my favorite hobby/obsession will forever be drawing manga. Well, that and writing books...
FireWire 2Kingdoms

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